Too weird to live. Too rare to die.


on the way home after concerts with your friend like 


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I saw a body hanging on a tree yesterday in the park….
There was a sheet covering him but they (the police) left the body hanging still, making it obvious….

And now my hands won’t stop shaking. Awesome.

Now my dad is over here talking shit about me.  Everyone is unhappy with me.  I don’t need to be here. Fuck this.  I’m just gonna disappear and no one will give a shit. In fact, it will make everyone’s life easier. This week has started off fan-fucking-tasicaly.

Oops, I accidently cut myself a little. My bad.

I can’t even feel the pain.  Went away in a few seconds…

Please go away anxiety. You are now starting to hurt my chest……guess its something I deserve….

Coworker went to the hospital on friday cause of heart palpitations. Im an not about to do the same just cause of my stupid anxiety. I refuse to. Who cares if I cant breathe right cause of it.

I really don’t deserve to be around anymore. Im the cause of everyone’s problems

I feel like puking and my anxiety is up the wall. Awesome.

I seriously dont wanna leave my bed today. I dont wanna have to put on a happy face today. Not in the mood. Im already in tears for no damn good reason.

I don’t deserve to have the life I have. I have a good paying job.  I have a degree and am gonna get another one.  I have a roof over my head.  I have food (sometimes) and water.  Yet I don’t wanna be around.  All I do is complain.  All I do is hate myself for being depressed.  I was a mistake to have (in more ways than one).  I don’t deserve to be here.  My family would be better off without me. They don’t need me.

I just realized I forgot to eat dinner. Oh well. Im already under 100 lbs so why bother at this point.

She doesnt even wanna be here and she’s such a better dancer than I am. So beautiful. Ive never felt so insecure about my dancing than I do when she’s around…..and im always insecure about it….