Too weird to live. Too rare to die.

Never thought id say this but I dont wanna stay another day. Were supposed to go home today. I want to go home. My opinion doesn’t matter though.

At least once during the day while we’ve been here, I find myself holding back tears….

The 4 of them are such a happy little family. Then there I am ruining it. It should just be the 4 of them. Im the odd one out. I always end up out of the loop when theyre all together. No need for me. I always feel alone anyways. Might as well actually be alone…

Its 4 am. I should probably try to go to sleep considerimg everyone will be up in about 3 hours…

"Where’s the boyfriend?" "How come you didn’t bring any friends?"
-___- …..

Wheres my fucking rubberband. I’ll snap it on the burns. Hopefully it’ll take stuff away for a few hours.

I cant deal with anything anymore.

Need to let this fuckimg thought out but cant.its making my emotions go from upset to hurt to pissed off and everything in between. Idk bout stuff….

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A7X helped me get through the morning and even through the serious lack of sleep. Thanks A7X


Another sleepless night? I think so

I have absolutely nothing to say. What can I say? I’ve got anxiety up the wall right now. Is it the truth? Is it a lie? Am i realy thay bad? Unsupportive? Just another secret I will have to keep to myself.



i don’t think anyone actually likes me